Renewable energy investment means clean air and water.

During my first year as a legislator, I realized how hard it is to pass sensible environmental reforms. The forces for change are immeasurable and it means we need to continue to fight harder and smarter to make our environment a top priority. During the pandemic, we saw how great the human impact on the planet can be. With less air travel and car travel, air quality improved dramatically. Industry and the environment can co-exist - it takes vision and leadership to make this happen. I'll always be up for this challenge.

Our Driving Force - The Economy

As a member of the legislature's Commerce Committee, I passed legislation helping our manufacturing sector with apprenticeship training programs, expanded the Angel Investor Tax Credit, created a tax credit program for employers who pay for employees college loans, and helped the brewery industry expand their selling capacity. When our economy does well, we are able to expand and improve upon the services our state and municipalities provide to their residents. Our goal as a state should be to promote an economy that provides opportunity across the board. 

"My goal as a legislator is to be as accessible as possible so that I have my finger on the pulse of the community. I work on issues that are important to my constituents. Your voice matters and I am always available to listen."

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