Small businesses are the backbone to our economy. I am committed to supporting small businesses through a state grant program and through teaming up with our education system to build a jobs program. Connecticut can produce a highly skilled work force through our community college and university systems based on the needs in our state. We can train our workforce right here in Connecticut through strategic investment in our economy. I'm committed to making this a priority.

As a commercial real estate agent, I work with businesses of all sizes to find space in the region. Most recently, I've secured leases at Town Center West in Rocky Hill. The developer of this project took vacant land and created a mixed use project near a highway where people live, work, and play. This type of project has created over 60 jobs to date. Projects like this are an example of smart growth that adds to our state's economy in a positive way.



Great Schools Make Great Communities

During my time as a student in the Rocky Hill public school system, I had access to a variety of educational programs. Current and future generations of students should have the same opportunities as well as a safe and supportive environment. Fully funding education is a priority and making sure Newington, Rocky Hill, and Wethersfield receive Economic Cost Sharing (ECS) funds from the state is a vital role of our State Representative.


Connecticut is lagging behind its neighboring states when it comes to investment in renewable energy. As a result, our energy costs continue to be higher. Both homeowners and business will benefit from reduced energy costs and a cleaner state if we focus on making the environment a priority. I received a 93% score on my voting record from the League of Conservation Voters for the 2019 Legislative Session.

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