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Increased Money for Education

During the COVID pandemic, we saw the importance of in-the-classroom learning. It was important for me to spend time with our administrators and teachers. It was clear that additional resources for before and after school tutoring, mental health, and skills training were needed. The goal of this increased funding is to have a better experience in the classroom with students being prepared, both academically and mentally, for the future.

Child Care Services

Parents in our community were voicing concerns over a lack of  affordable childcare options, especially for single working women. Using federal ARPA dollars, we were able to provide a childcare subsidy for parents in job training and education programs, increase financial support (Care4Kids) for low-income parents, and increasing the wages of our childcare workers. The goal of these programs is to help people transition back into the workforce after a career change or job loss during COVID.

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Moving House

A Child Tax Credit

Hearing concerns for rising costs due to inflation, the legislature passed a bipartisan budget that included a child tax credit for households with incomes of $200,000 and under. The credit was $250 per child, up to 3 children. This, coupled with the sale tax free week, is helping parents with back to schools costs, summer camps, and other programs to benefit their children.

Home Buyer Programs

Several programs went into affect to help people with their home buying here in Connecticut. MyHomeCT helps people with down payments, up to $50,000. The Time to Own Program has similar benefits and is available to first time home buyers. Additionally, there is a home buyer program for Police Officers buying homes in the city where they serve.